Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hello darlings!!!!

My name is Ericka and I am 23 years old. I am starting a blog to talk all about the struggles of daily life with (hopefully) a unique comical twist. But I decided my first blog should be a bit about myself so…….here we go!!!

I am 23 and attending the University of Missouri in St. Louis. I am studying Communications with a specialty in Public Relations and a Minor in Theater. I have discovered I like all things in the entertainment field but I also LOVE to talk so…..communications it was. I actually used to be majoring in nursing and right before my final semester started, I said, "No thank you. Not for me" and switched. Boy was my mother thrilled about that one :-)

Anyway, I am now doing all kinds of things to get involved and get my face out there. I have my own radio show on campus called "The Struggle" as well. I volunteer at a local radio station in the city, KDHX 88.1, where I make Public Service Announcements or PSAs. I just recently got my first part in a play in the city which I am STOKED about!!!! I started a youtube channel,, that I am starting to post regular youtube videos on. I actually have had the channel for a while but I just recently started to post regular videos to it. I talk all about my life and everything that is going on in it and how I feel about it. So….vlogging right? I think that's vlogging right??? There's no way to know haha. I also Vine almost everyday, @ErickaEaton, and I have a Twitter, @ErickaEaton, that I try to post daily thoughts too.

All in all these different things have been a good time and I am hoping this blog thing will be just as exciting!!!! That's all for now and remember:: in life, the struggle is real hahaha

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