Saturday, July 19, 2014

Hello Darlings!!!!!

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be a barbarian??? Well head on down to your local CrabPot and you will at least get to experience a barbaric lunch/dinner!!!!

So this past weekend my mom and I took a trip out to LA and drove down to Long Beach one day. While we were there my mom had stated that she wanted to go to a place to eat seafood that had a view of the water. So we ended up at the CrabPot in the Marina. It was a BEAUTIFUL day and we were able to sit outside. Now for those of you from the West Coast you may have heard of this restaurant but since we are from the Midwest, we had not. Though we quickly began to realize that it was essentially another Joe's Crab Shack but just restricted to the West Coast. At least knowing that it was only on the coast helped us to know that the food was fresh.

Now, if you ordered a regular meal, then you just got a plate and silver wear like any other restaurant BUT if you ordered shrimp or crab legs, you got these super high fashion bibs!!! Now, the struggle to pull this bib off is high but I'll give you the secret, add a floppy sun-hat…


Now, here is where your barbarian experience REALLY begins. They then bring your food out to you in this giant bowl and I am thinking they set the bowl in front of you right?? WRONG!! They take the contents of the bowl, mine was crab legs, shrimp, corn on the cob, and roasted red potatoes, and dump it on the table in front of you. Yes, all mixed together in just one big pile.

Fancy. I mean just too classy for the establishment it was served in clearly. Can we say white linen table clothes and fine china worthy?? I think so!!

So just as any hoity toity high class society individual would do, I took off my rings, and plunged into the fishy pile of goodness. And boy was the food finger-lickin good!!! Which leads me to the next struggle I faced with….melted butter.

How to eat these fantastic crab legs dipped in melted butter and still maintain your high fashion image…the struggle is real….solution??? Well that lovely bib you have been provided with of course!! See these are not your everyday bibs. Just like those super absorbent Huggies diapers, these bibs will suck up anything!! And you don't even have to worry about things soaking through because the CrabPot has taken these straight out of the surgical unit in the nearest hospital which means there is a plastic backing that prevents any disastrous liquids from reaching your clothes. So indulge! Go Crazy! Embrace the barbarian within you!! But remember, there is a such thing as a classy barbarian, I know it's a struggle, but for goodness sake, use your napkin!! I mean what were you, raised in a cave?!?!?!

And always remember:: in everyday life, the struggle is real :-)



  1. Hi Ericka.

    I don't like seafood at all. But it seems you had a good time struggling against the shrimps.

    I enjoyed reading your post. Keep doing this way.


    1. Btw i bet you don't know who i am but you know me ;)

    2. Alfredo!!!!! I do know who you are :-) Thank you so much for reading my blog haha